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Protect your new purchase from DSL Mobility with specially designed insurance for mobility scooters that helps keep you moving. Find out more information about what’s covered below.

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*£38 price applies to Mobility Scooter Lite Insurance cover, available to purchase for scooter values up to £1,500.

Mobility Scooter Insurance from Fish Insurance

Our Mobility Scooter cover is designed to meet the needs of those looking to insure their scooter against loss or damage and protect themselves against third-party liability claims.

With no age limit, our policies are designed to protect mobility scooter users. Covering the basics such as accidental damage, third-party liability, and theft, as well as benefits you might not expect, like personal accident cover.

There’s even 24/7 breakdown recovery included on our Extra level policies, and the option to add puncture care for an additional cost to help you feel confident getting out and about.

Key benefits at a glance

We offer 3 levels of cover so you can choose the policy that meets your needs. The cover levels vary depending on the policy you choose. Our policies include:

  • No age limit
  • Any user cover
  • Liability cover, to protect you if you cause an accident or damage while using your mobility scooter
  • Personal accident cover
  • Accidental damage, theft, and vandalism cover
  • Cost of hiring new equipment, should your mobility scooter need to be repaired or replaced
  • New-for-old replacement
  • Worldwide cover, including baggage handler cover
  • 24/7 breakdown recovery included with Extra level policy

For limitations and exclusions, please refer to the Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) and Policy Wordings for our Mobility Scooter Lite, Standard, and Extra insurance policies.

Why choose this cover

For limitations and exclusions, please refer to the Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) and Policy Wordings for our Mobility Scooter Lite, Standard, and Extra insurance policies.
†Product available as optional add-on to a Mobility Scooter Insurance policy, available at an additional cost.
††Breakdown Cover only available when purchasing Mobility Scooter Extra policy.

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Mobility Scooter Insurance policy documents

You can find all our Mobility Scooter Insurance policy documents here

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Help & Advice

For more information on everything from scooter rules and regulations to buying a new scooter, check out our help page

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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Specially designed insurance for mobility scooters that helps keep you moving.

  • QWhere can I get independent advice on using a mobility scooter?
    AThe Department for Transport has published a free booklet called ‘mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs on the road – some guidance for users’ which provides useful information. You can download the guide here.
  • QIs my manual wheelchair covered by my mobility scooter insurance?
    AYes, manual wheelchair cover is provided with all of our Mobility Scooter Insurance policies. There is a limit of £1,000 on Lite level policies and £2,000 on all other policies.
  • QDoes my mobility scooter have to be insured at my own home?
    AYou can insure your mobility scooter either at your home, or at a UK holiday home.
  • QDoes my policy cover me if I’m on holiday abroad?
    AYes. Our Lite and Standard level policies cover you worldwide for up to 21 days so that you can take your mobility scooter on holiday with you. Our Extra level policy covers you worldwide for 90 days whilst also covering holiday recovery costs! Please note our Mobility Scooter Insurance policies don’t include liability cover in the USA or Canada. If you’re travelling on a plane, we’d advise contacting the airline in advance to ask whether your scooter type is permitted for travel. Our Mobility Scooter Insurance policies also include baggage handler cover. We’ll pay the difference between the amount recovered from the baggage handler and the cost to repair or replace your scooter (not exceeding the market value).
  • QWho else can I put on my insurance? Is there any age limit on the policy?
    AThe insurance policy covers the mobility scooter, not you. You do not need to add people to your policy for the vehicle to be covered while they are using it, although their use of your vehicle must be with your permission. You must be over 18 to insure your mobility scooter with us, but there is no upper age limit.
  • QHow do I make a claim if my mobility scooter breaks down?
    AIf you are covered by our mobility scooter insurance and your scooter breaks down, you can simply give us a call. All our contact numbers can be found here. We have designed our Mobility Scooter Insurance cover to make sure that both you, and your vehicle are taken care of. We provide our Lite & Standard policy holders with a ‘get-you-home allowance’ of up to £100 per breakdown to make sure you can get home safely in the event of a breakdown. Our Extra policy holders are eligible for Fish Mobility Rescue, which includes either recovery to your home, UK holiday accommodation or local repairer if the destination is under 10 miles away. The cost of hiring alternative equipment is also covered under both policies.
  • QHow much is mobility scooter insurance?
    AOur prices start from just £38* per year. Mobility scooter insurance quotes depend on the type of mobility scooter you are insuring and the amount of coverage you require. It’s important to make sure you don’t automatically go for the cheapest mobility scooter insurance, but instead choose the correct amount of cover for your needs.
    *£38 price applies to Mobility Scooter Lite Insurance cover, available to purchase online only.
  • QDo I need to register my mobility scooter with the DVLA?
    AOnly Class 3 vehicles (with a maximum speed of 8mph) must be registered with the DVLA. The DVLA will then issue you with a “nil duty” tax disc (meaning you don’t have to pay vehicle tax on the scooter) which you are legally required to display on your mobility scooter. You can order the forms needed to register your Class 3 scooter from the DVLA. This information was sourced from GOV UK in September 2019.
  • QDo I need insurance for my mobility scooter?

    The UK Government website states “You do not need insurance for a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, although it’s recommended”. (August 2023).

    Despite no legal requirement, you may want to take out insurance for your scooter to protect you if the scooter is damaged, stolen or broken down.

  • QDo you need a licence to ride a mobility scooter?
    ANo. You do not need take a test or have a driving license to use a mobility scooter. The law states that only disabled people may use Class 2 or Class 3 scooters (unless the user is conducting a sales demonstration). You do not need to be registered disabled, but must have a physical disability, injury or medical condition which means you cannot, or have difficulty, walking.