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Travel Insurance with Muscular Dystrophy

If you have muscular dystrophy are you finding it a little more difficult to find appropriate or low cost travel insurance?

Travel Insurance with Muscular Dystrophy

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  • What is Muscular Dystrophy?

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    Muscular dystrophy is an inherited and progressive muscle-wasting condition. Despite its singular title there are many different forms which can develop either in child or adulthood, with Duchenne muscular dystrophy being the most common diagnosed. The condition sees muscles progressively weaken and failing to repair, causing physical disability which worsens over time. Whilst it is incurable there are symptom-relieving medical treatments available as well as surgical options to correct postural changes and mobility assisting aids and therapies.

  • Do I need to declare Muscular Dystrophy as a pre-existing medical condition when buying travel insurance?

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    Yes, it is imperative that when applying for your travel insurance that you disclose that you have muscular dystrophy. If you do not declare any pre-existing health condition then it might you are not insured as your insurer may deem that your non-disclosure has invalidated your policy. This would mean that should you fall ill abroad you may need settle your own emergency medical bills and associated expenses such as medical repatriation by road, ferry and/or air if required.


  • Will having Muscular Dystrophy prevent me from getting travel insurance?

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    No. It would in fact be illegal under discrimination laws to refuse you insurance because as a chronic condition muscular dystrophy is classed as a disability.  That’s not to say that an insurer might require you to pay more or that they place special restrictions on your policy. The good news that specialists like Fish are well versed in securing highly competitive travel insurance for people with muscular dystrophy and other pre-existing medical conditions.

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Key benefits at a glance

Covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions

No age limit*

Single and annual multi-trip cover

24/7 emergency assistance

Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines

Provides cover for a replacement carer

Protects mobility and disability equipment, providing replacement equipment in the event of a loss

Alternative accommodation cover

Cruise cover

Friendly UK-based claims service and specialist medical assistance

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Information and support

The charity Muscular Dystrophy UK makes advice and support available to the estimated 70,000 people in the UK who suffer from the disease, and those, such as carers, who are affected by it. Independent and expert commentary on the causes, symptoms and treatment of muscular dystrophies is also provided by the NHS.

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