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Travel Insurance with a Pacemaker

If you’ve been fitted with a pacemaker and are looking for travel insurance then you might be finding you’re being quoted more than you expected.

Travel Insurance with a Pacemaker

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  • What is a Pacemaker?

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    A pacemaker is a small electrical device implanted in the chest or abdomen to correct abnormal heart rhythms. If disrupted cardiac electrical signals cause the heart to beat too slowly (a condition known as bradycardia), too fast (tachycardia), skip a beat or stop (arrest), a pacemaker sends out electrical impulses to correct the disruption. Tens of thousands of people in the UK are fitted with pacemakers annually through a relatively simple procedure typically carried out under a local anaesthetic.

  • Do I need to declare I have a Pacemaker fitted as a pre-existing medical condition when buying travel insurance?

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    Yes. If you have a pacemaker then this clearly indicates you’ve previously been diagnosed with a cardiac condition and that you are under continuing medical care to ensure your pacemaker is functioning properly. You must declare this when seeking a travel insurance quotation or you might later find your cover is invalid and your insurer may refuse a claim you submit. Without valid cover you would need to settle any emergency medical bills that may arise whilst you’re abroad.


  • Will having a Pacemaker prevent me from getting travel insurance?

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    No, that is not the case although you may find – or already have found! – that insurers might choose to charge you more or place conditions or exclusions on your cover. But by shopping around and perhaps using a company like Fish’s partner, Ancile Insurance, which specialises in travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions, you should be able to secure effective and competitive cover.

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Key benefits at a glance

Covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions

No age limit*

Single and annual multi-trip cover

24/7 emergency assistance

Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines

Provides cover for a replacement carer

Protects mobility and disability equipment, providing replacement equipment in the event of a loss

Alternative accommodation cover

Cruise cover

Friendly UK-based claims service and specialist medical assistance

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Information and support

The NHS well details what a pacemaker is and does, together with why you might need one fitted and even features a searchable database of clinical trials carried out across the world.  Informative videos with first person accounts detailing the fitting and impact of a pacemaker feature on the British Heart Foundation website. The BHF also offers plenty of information, advice and support for people with cardiac complaints.

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