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Specialist insurance for adjustable chairs, settees and other furniture

Chair Care

Do you need our new Chair Care to protect the adjustable furniture you rely on?

Chair Care insurance from Fish Insurance

Our Chair Care Insurance policy is specially designed to protect adjustable furniture including fabric and leather chair beds, bariatric chairs and rise and recline, lift only, recline only and tilt in space chairs.

It’s also for people with leather or fabric upholstered furniture which they wish to protect against accidental staining or other damage. It is particularly suited to those owning more expensive or bespoke furniture.

Key benefits at a glance

Protects against accidental damage, including rips, tears, and burns to fabric and leather upholstery, scratches, punctures, and scuffs to leather upholstery

Replacement furniture when yours is deemed beyond repair (at insurer’s discretion)

Friendly UK-based claims service with assistance from long-established disability insurance specialist

Covers removal of a huge range of stains

Also covers standard sofas, chairs, and other furniture

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  • Our Chair Care Insurance

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    Do you need our new Chair Care to protect the adjustable furniture you rely on? If through disability, illness or infirmity you find it difficult to get in and out of chairs and sofas you’ll know just how much easier rise and recline chairs and adjustable sofas can make your life. But whether bought off the shelf or bespoke, these are often expensive with a single standard rise recliner chair easily costing £500 or more.

    Such furniture is more than practical, it’s part of your home décor and you want it to always look its best. So what happens if you accidentally spill a glass of wine, knock over a plate of food or burn the upholstery? Now, with our new Chair Care insurance, you can protect against such everyday accidents. This great value policy – which costs from just £89 for a three year period – will cover the repair of rips, tears and stains to your expensive and vital furniture.

  • Removal of a huge range of stains

    Beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, fizzy drinks and juices

    Wine and other alcoholic drinks

    Curry, pizza and other homemade or takeaway foods, including ketchups and sauces

    Nail varnish and cosmetics

    Bleach and transferred dyes

    Human and animal bodily fluids

    Shoe polish

Answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked about our chair care cover

  • Q1.

    My husband fell asleep and spilt coffee on his recliner chair. Will you pay for stain removal?


    Yes. Our policy will pay for professional treatment of the stain to restore the appearance of your chair.

  • Q2.

    My dog has chewed the corner of our leather sofa. Will you repair this?


    If this is the first time you have claimed for damage by a pet, then we will arrange for your sofa to be professionally repaired.

  • Q3.

    I spilt red wine on my fabric chair that has left a large and highly visible stain. What can I do?


    We will arrange for an expert to visit and assess the damage. They will determine if the stain can be successfully removed and, if not, may arrange for you to receive a replacement.

  • Q4.

    My rise and recliner is fitted with a special polymer cushion. Is this covered?


    Yes, as long as when you take out your Chair Care policy you declare the full value of your chair, including any polymer, memory foam, or other specialist seat materials which have been fitted.

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