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Home Insurance
Ramp up your protection

Many people with disabilities or limited mobility invest in adaptations and equipment to make life at home easier
and more comfortable.

Why choose Fish Insurance for your adapted home cover

Protecting anyone living in a home adapted to accommodate their disability

Specialist buildings cover protects a variety of vital home adaptations including: Fitted adapted and special access bathing facilities, Indoor stairlifts, Electric and hydraulic hoists and ceiling lifts, Access ramps, Low-height fittings

New-for-old replacement of lost or damaged adaptations

Extensive cover including fire, theft, storm and flood damage

Friendly UK-based claims service with assistance from long established disability insurance specialist

Family Legal Protection. Up to £50,000 to cover legal costs should you become involved in legal proceedings, including: Contract or property disputes, Recovery of losses and compensation following an accidental injury

Includes protection for manual wheelchairs and disability aids such as: Portable ramps, Moving and handling equipment, Limb-lifters, Bathing aids, Beds, chairs and other furniture designed or adapted for your disability

Optional Home Emergency Cover for added reassurance. Protects against emergency repairs in the event of: Boiler breakdown (boiler must be less than 15 years old and you must have your boiler serviced annually or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.) Burst pipes, Blocked toilets, drains and sinks, Home electricity failure, Infestation by pests such as mice, rats and wasps

This policy will not cover the failure or breakdown of any disability equipment

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  • Why Choose Adapted Home Insurance?

    This policy is for disabled people, the elderly and anyone with mobility issues living in a home adapted to accommodate their disability and for people sharing a home with someone with limited mobility or a disability.

    Many people with disabilities or limited mobility invest in adaptations and equipment to make life at home easier and more comfortable. Our specialist disabled home insurance is designed to ensure that key aids such as hoists, stairlifts, bathing aids and ramps are specifically protected. In addition it covers manual wheelchairs and disability aids whilst also offering all the reassurance and protection you might expect from a standard home insurance policy.

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Answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked about our home cover

  • Q1.

    I have an external wheelchair ramp leading to my front door. Am I covered if this is damaged by storm, flood, or vandals?


    Yes. Our policy includes buildings cover for the repair or replacement of a wide variety of fixed mobility aids, including access ramps and railings.

  • Q2.

    My young son was playing with my inflatable leg-lifter without my knowledge and broke it. Can I claim?


    Yes. We appreciate that such mobility aids can be expensive to replace and therefore have included their repair or replacement within our accidental damage cover. As with other insurance providers we define accidental damage as a one-off and unintentional incident that causes damage to a home or its contents.

  • Q3.

    I have taken out disability home insurance but as my condition has worsened, I will now be installing a stair lift. Do I need to take out a new policy?


    To guarantee you are fully insured, you should always notify us of any significant changes such as this. You will not need to take out a new policy, but may need to amend your existing cover and possibly pay an additional premium – although this will depend on whether you will breach your existing cover limit.

  • Q4.

    Will my disability equipment be covered in the event of a flood or fire?


    Yes. Our adapted Home Insurance policy covers fire, theft, storm, and flood damage for your home and any adaptations you may have. This includes things like special access bathing facilities, stair lifts, and hoists.

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