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Mobility Scooter Insurance
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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Fish’s great value mobility scooter insurance (and powered wheelchair insurance) is backed by over 35 years’ professional experience of serving disabled people and those with limited mobility. As a specialist in disability insurance we know just how important your mobility scooter is to your everyday life.


That’s why we’ve designed a mobility insurance policy to help keep you and your scooter moving, whether at home here in the UK or when travelling further afield. It offers affordable insurance dedicated to protecting not just your mobility scooter, but you. It protects not only against accidental damage and theft, but negligence claims which may arise from use of your scooter. In addition it incorporates mobility scooter breakdown cover. This provides a get-you-home allowance so that you’re not left stranded following the loss or breakdown of your scooter.


As well as insurance for mobility scooters we also provide great value mobility equipment insurance. Click here for more details of how to protect stairlifts, hoists and other mobility aids.


Who’s this policy for?

Fish’s mobility scooter insurance policy is designed to protect:

  • Disabled people or those with mobility issues who use mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs – particularly in public areas
  • Mobility scooter and powered wheelchair users who also have personal assistants or attendants
  • People who use mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs at home and/or when travelling abroad


What are the key benefits of this policy?

Our insurance for mobility scooters offers many benefits, including:

  • Protects any mobility scooter user
  • Includes up to £2m public liability insurance for mobility scooter users
  • Covers accidental damage, including fire and flood
  • Covers theft and vandalism
  • Includes mobility scooter breakdown insurance
  • Worldwide cover‡
  • Personal injury protection
  • Hire of a replacement scooter
  • Up to £2 million personal and attendant liability cover
  • Protects personal effects
  • New-for-old replacement of your scooter


Your questions answered

Q. Do I need a licence to ride a mobility scooter on the road?
A. No. You do not need take a test nor have a driving license to use a mobility scooter. It is, though, a legal requirement that only disabled people may use Class 2 or Class 3 scooters (unless the user is conducting a sales demonstration). You do not need to be registered disabled but must have a physical disability, injury or medical condition which means you cannot, or have difficulty, walking.


Q. Do I need insurance for a mobility scooter?
A. The Department for Transport states that: “it is strongly advised that people take out insurance to cover personal safety, other people's safety and the value of the vehicle.” It is not at present a legal requirement.

Q. Do I need to register my mobility scooter with the DVLA?
A. Only Class 3 vehicles (with a maximum speed of 8mph) must be registered. The DVLA will then issue you with a “nil duty” (ie no road tax is payable) tax disc which you are legally required to display on your scooter.

Q. Where can I get independent advice and information on using a mobility scooter?

A. The Department for Transport has published a free booklet called Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs on the road - some guidance for users. Click here to download it.


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‡Excludes liability cover in N. America and Canada

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